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About Us

Welcome to Paige's Coffee and Cocktails, where we bring the perfect drinks right to you!

Paige's Coffee and Cocktails is a passion project brewed with love, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of offering a unique experience, and delicious drinks. This journey began with a simple idea - to deliver specialty crafted drinks right to your neighborhood, workplace, or event, because we believe that great drinks and service should be accessible everywhere, to everyone.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee with RendezBrew Sticker in Mobile Bar Serving Window
Paige in RendezBrew Mobile Bar and Cafe serving window with energy drink.

Our Story

Paige's Coffee and Cocktails started as an old vintage camper trailer, and with some blood, sweat and tears has been transformed into a unique mobile coffee bar. With a commitment to quality, we set out to craft the perfect experience, one that would satisfy your service needs, quench your thirst, and brighten your day.

RendezBrew Mobile Bar and Cafe trailer serving at an event
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